Career Transformation Masterclasses

Masterclasses to give you practical skills, guidance and support so you can START & GROW your own business or LAND your dream job!


Transform Your Career with The Future Design Academy

Connect and Collaborate with like-minded professionals
Be mentored by a Career Transformation Expert every step of the way
Get the support and accountability you need to succeed
Achieve your career and business goals faster and with less effort.

What are The ‘Do-It Masterclasses’?

As part of the Future Design Academy, you receive 12 amazing master classes that will level up your career including:

Interview Mastery Training – Value $997
Salary Negotiation Masterclass – Value$1,997
Personal Branding Masterclass – Value $1,497
Networking Ninjas Training – Value $997
Elevator Pitch Masterclass – Value $397
Cover Letter & Resume Masterclass – Value $497

Plus many more master classes and bonuses:

BONUS #1 – Done-for-Your LinkedIn Networking Scripts  – Value $1,497
BONUS #2 – Business Basics Training – Value $997
BONUS #3 – Career Success Tools & Templates- Value $499

You also join a community of like minded professionals and participate in our private Facebook group to keep you accountable. It’s an opportunity for you to connect and collaborate with an elite group of professionals who are all taking massive action in their careers and businesses.

It’s a group of committed professionals who become members of The Future Design Academy taking massive action who work with me directly in order to set goals, drill down on the biggest challenges that they face.


Why did you start The Future Design Academy Online?

I created the online portal as I was working 1:1 with Executives, Senior Professionals, and entrepreneurs but didn’t have time to work with more than 20 or so people at one time.

Also, cost was an issue for many people interested in working with my programs. I have a huge following on social media but the high price point of $5,000 minimum to work with me directly was a barrier for many people –  but they wanted to take it a step further and want my coaching – so I put it online so they could implement the ideas and tools of the program and scale the ideas globally.

And on top of that the amazing people I was working with wanted to be able to connect and collaborate with other like-minded professionals who are all on the same path. The Future Design Academy was born and the private Facebook community was born!

What are the benefits of The Future Design Academy?

The biggest benefit is leveraging not only my experience but the support and experience of other like minded professionals within the group and community and we screen every single person that attends the course to make sure they are not just joining the group for the sake of being part of a group or just getting coaching for themselves… we make sure they are there to take massive action and contribute to others on their career journey also.

The second biggest benefit is that members gain over $15,000 worth of training, tools and strategies that they otherwise would not have access to for a fraction of that cost. I deliver the same content via video and worksheets that I would deliver to my executive or corporate clients. It’s elite career anb business success training at an affordable investment for an individual who’s hungry and ready to take action.


What results can members expect?

The Future Design Academy is a mix of online courses,  community support and group coaching via the Private Facebook group where members can expect to be challenged, pushed and supported every step of the way toward designing their ideal future.

You will receive the latest career success and business marketing strategies and the latest tips on how to get the most out of your self.   And you can expect to create the best – deliberately designed career or business and learn how to actually land the jobs you dream of, and how to start and grow the businesses you want.

Many people who have completed these courses and applied the strategies and tools have improved their income and successfully started busiensses that are now bringing them incomes that succeed their expecations however, these results are not guaranteed. Its always about how much effort you put in and how committed you are to the results.


Dianne Webber

Senior Technology Professional


Nicole Bailey

Senior Marketing Professional

What are results some recent members have experienced?

I’ve managed to achieve some pretty amazing results with some of the members already. Take Dianne – after working with us she went from being in a state of stagnation and being totally filled with self-doubt to now in a highly paid contract role, filled with self-belief AND she’s also started doing her illustration passion project on the side.

Or take Catherine, a returning to work mum. When we started working together she though she wanted to work in admin a few days a week but after working together she realised her dream was to run a Jewellery business and with the help of the group coaching, she now has an online store and just opened her own home wares shop on Greville Street in One of Melbourne’s elite shopping districts!

How often do the courses start?

You can start The Future Design Academy programs any time. People are always at different stages of their career or business and you benefit from learning about the answers to their questions along the way – as well as your own.

Are numbers limited?

The IP3 Academy annual membership is not limited however group coaching definitely is!!!  We want to provide the best service and customer experience to our clients so numbers are limited. If you are interested in the course please arrange a time to speak to Rachel about booking your place in the program as soon as you can!

Do you provide scholarships?

Each year we provide 10 scholarships for those experiencing financial hardship. That means we provide free education to 10 individuals every year which is well over $20,000 worth of scholarships we give away to people who are really motivated and need it. You can apply for one of our scholarships by applying directly to [email protected]   All you need to do is send us some information about your current situation and 45 reasons why we should award you the scholarship.


Who is it for?

Let’s be real, The Future Design Academy is not for you if you are not willing to take action and do the work, or if you’re not willing to invest in yourself or your business.

How do you give back to the community?

One thing I value highly is giving back as part of my business. In fact we give 50% of our profit to causes that make the world a better place. So that for every program or product you purchase – you know you are supporting a person in need.

This year we are supporting Planetshakers Church Empower Ministry (refugee and homelessness outreach program), Kiva Loans, Plan Australia, Worldvision and Boston University Research fund for the Bionic Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes. If you purchase a program through this Academy, you are supporting refugee families in Victoria Australia, putting at end to homlesness in Victoria, putting someone through school overseas, or funding a micro-loan to get someone into business in Africa and even helping someone with a chronic illness live a better life!

Now THAT is what I call a BIG PURPOSE!!!

I’m excited about this Academy and what we can do together. I love working with people closely to help them to design and start businesses that change their lives and even impact the world.

I want to see you be your best self and do your best work!


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